The private predicament

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Private car park management advice

In the great wide world of parking, private car parks can be a minefield. These little gems can put added pressure on landlords and their representatives, as they try to carefully balance the demands of their tenants (who all want the best space – near the lifts and between two pillars, thanks), and find the most efficient use of the car park.

The rates for tenant parking can also be a secondary concern in an effort to sign a tenant into a building lease. Meanwhile, parking levies are expected to continually increase each year.

And let’s just highlight that there are new options available to the market that can deliver improved property value and convenience to tenants. But do you have time to weigh up the options?

The flow-on effect here, apart from a serious headache, can be that a significant portion of your asset’s NLA may not be maximised – which could affect your property’s valuation.

Luckily, there is no reason to despair. If you have the tools to proactively engage with your tenants and operate your car park effectively, there are countless possibilities.

At Next Park, we can conduct a quick, cost-effective health check of your private car park. We will advise you on the best options to improve its performance and make your property more desirable in the long term. Contact us today for more.

– David

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