Next Park is passionate about continuous improvement. Our mission is to support our clients on their journey by delivering our expert industry knowledge to drive success. The car parking industry is one facing new challenges, with innovative technologies and data analysis transforming business and supplier operations worldwide.

Our expert car parking consulting and advisory service can help ensure your car park asset performs, evolves and continues to prosper.


Our Leading Expert

David Nethercote has extensive experience within the car parking industry and has been involved in car park management since 2005. David has a broad depth of experience, having worked in a number of different roles and disciplines for two of the most successful international parking businesses. He has also led operations of the Melbourne Airport car parks and ground transport facilities.

David’s unique insights of the car park industry allows Next Park to provide a holistic understanding of the industry and, as a result, an ability to work with clients to ensure that car park owners, operators and suppliers are all given the best opportunity to obtain a win-win result.


The Next Park Advantage

Drawing on David’s unique and long-standing experience within the parking industry, Next Park can deliver a true advantage to any business. Our real experience within the fast-paced parking environment, coupled with our extensive relationships across the broad and diverse industry, can drive real success in taking your asset to the next level. We can provide specialist insight to give your portfolio the edge it needs to thrive in the dynamic parking marketplace.

Next Park can also collaborate with other qualified industry professionals to provide comprehensive support to clients and deliver a more comprehensive service.

At Next Park, our focus is on supporting the car parking industry by conducting reviews of car parking assets and the competitive marketplace, as well as continuing to develop relationships with the major participants, and being an integral contributor to the sustainable future of car parking.