Just pop a sign out?


Just pop a sign on the street, install some equipment to take payments and open the roller door, right? Wrong.

A number of questions are regularly posed to experienced car parking professionals that highlight the fact that car parking is not as simple as it first seems. From “Where can I buy paper tickets?”, all the way up to “What factors make up the perfect car park?”, the complexity of the industry is one tricky little Rubik’s cube.


The “ideal” carpark really has no foolproof formula because there are many factors constantly at play, not to mention subjective elements, such as a person’s own point of view.

While an owner of a car park is likely to measure success based on income, return on investment (ROI) and valuation, a parking customer is likely to base their decision on elements such as accessibility, ambiance and cost.

When viewed in isolation, these two points of view may seem like they are diametrically opposed. For example, creating a nice environment costs money and reducing the cost of parking lowers income per customer. However, over a sustained period, the opinion of the customer and a car park’s financial performance are inextricably linked. Balancing these aspects is the essence of success in a car park’s long-term strategy.

Popping a sign on the street can certainly start a parking adventure. But to take your asset to the next level, we can help you understand its true potential, by examining all of the unique car park elements:

  • Your overall strategy
  • The returns you generate
  • The competitive environment
  • Demand for parking
  • Customer engagement and e-commerce strategies
  • Product mix
  • Rate structures
  • Methods of payment
  • Equipment
  • Car park signage options
  • Car park environment (ambiance)

We can design a tailor-made service to truly understand your car park and its operation, as well as answer the questions you have been asking. Or should be asking.

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– David