Here’s to the Fun Park

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Welcome to Next Park. Having spent more than a decade in the car parking industry in different guises, I have learnt an enormous amount from and alongside some very talented and motivated people, and one thing keeps coming back to me – parking really is ‘fun’.

Sometimes people look quizzically at me when I tell them I’m a long-term parking person. While I can’t say that I am one of longest serving industry professionals given the company I have kept, what sticks in my mind is the large number of people within this industry who are ‘lifers’.

Just what is it about car parking that promotes such longevity in its people? Why is it so addictive?

It’s because the dynamic nature of car parking is fun. The market allows re-invention, be it changing location, seeking a new opportunity with another business, changing from operator to supplier or vice versa, or simply enjoying what you are doing and evolving with the industry. And let’s not get started on the tiny variables that influence, drive and push the sector in different ways each day. It’s certainly a career to keep you on your toes.

The car parking industry is currently experiencing a significant phase of evolution, particularly in the digital realm, with a renewed effort to provide better access to data and allow car parking operators to interact with customers more meaningfully. This marks a huge transformation from the past two decades, where customers have maintained anonymity through automated ticket-based access control equipment.

Despite the arrival of new technologies, tickets at car parks will not be consigned to history just yet. It’s more likely that for the foreseeable future, the options available for access and payment will broaden. This will provide greater flexibility and value for all participants, particularly when the customer engages in a digital medium with car parking operators.

What excites me as I take the next step in my own personal parking evolution is working alongside people and organisations on their parking experience and continuing to watch the advancement of what is a truly fascinating industry.

If you want to learn more about how to take advantage of the changing parking landscape, please get in touch.

– David

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